Firstborns Are More Intellectually Advance Over Younger Siblings, Study Finds

Stereotyping is very common, even in birth orders. The youngest child is considered as the “baby” of the family; the middle kid seems to be the neglected one and the oldest as the smartest. Based on a study, the last stereotype might actually be factual.

According to a recent study conducted and published by the Journal of Human Resources, it is most likely to have the first child to be more academically and intellectually successful. The mental difference reveals at an early stage as first-born babies scored better on cognitive tests compared to their younger siblings, and it is due to “a broad shift in parenting.”

The results are based on the information provided by the Children of the National Longitudinal Survey of the Youth on thousands of Americans aged between 14 to 21 years old who were first interviewed in 1979 and have regular re-interview sessions after. The data shows information on employment, income, education and other background statistics. Some of the participants specifically children were routinely interviewed, showing birth outcomes, early childhood health, test scores, home situation and other details.

Co-author Jee-Yeon K. Lehmann, an economist at the Analysis Group in Boston, told TODAY that,“We were surprised by the finding that birth order differences in cognitive test scores and parental behavior appeared so early.”

“First-time parents tend to want to do everything right and generally have a greater awareness of their interactions with and investments in the firstborn,” Lehmann explained. “With each subsequent child, parents tend to relax to a greater extent what they might deem as non-essential needs for their kids.”

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