Iced Coffee Protein Shake – A Solution To Lose Weight

Often when you are in a hurry, there is always the question what's the best food or drink that can provide a great alternative that can still meet your nutritional needs even if you are rushing along. The answer is “Iced Coffee Protein Shake.” It is now a trending recipe which is an ideal solution for your hectic schedule. It's a fantastic formula that can be taken every morning, or during the afternoon. Have a try and appreciate your favorite coffee that can boost your nutrition

What makes it healthy?

Cold Brewed Coffee

Coffee is widely known as an excellent source of antioxidants.  But what is not known to the most is that when it is a cold brewing coffee, it stores more of the antioxidants compared to the usual hot brewing ways. Cold brewed coffee additionally contains less acid than hot brewed coffee, making it a perfect choice to those with digestive issues.


Bananas are naturally cholesterol and fat-free. It only contains an average of 110 calories for every serving. Bananas are a decent source of potassium, vitamin C, and manganese. They are likewise an excellent source of fiber, which can help improve your digestive system.

Almond Milk

Almond milk is a nourishing powerhouse that is utilized as a dairy free substitute, making it fit for those individuals who are vegetarian or lactose intolerant. It also has a low-calorie solution that contains 39 calories for every one glass serving. It likewise doesn't cause a spike in glucose, so it conveys steady, reliable vitality.


This amazing Iced Coffee Protein Shake is only 115 calories per serving.

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